Episode 001 

Elmo Winters, Host

Episode Discription

The first episode of the “Building the Bridge” Podcast introduces the KINGDOM Group International’s newest unity focused project.  This groundbreaking edition challenges the listeners to examine their own deeply held racial and cultural feelings.  Emphasis is placed on the oneness of all mankind which was the plan of God from the beginning.

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Elmo Winters

Meet the Host

Host, Elmo Winters is the Elmo Winters is the Founder/Executive Director of the KINGDOM Group International, Inc., an organization dedicated to racial healing, unity, and reconciliation utilizing the life-changing Gospel of Christ. The KINGDOM Group hosts events to bring diverse groups together for dialogue and relationship building.  Reverend Winters has been in ministry for over 42 years as a Church Planter, Pastor, Bible Institute Instructor, and Hospice Chaplain.  Additionally, he has served as a short-term missionary to Kenya, Mexico, and Russia, where he trained pastors and ministry leaders.  Working with EndPoint Ministries of Nairobi, Reverend Winters continues to assist with church/school planting in the southeastern region of Kenya.  Having earned a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), he provides business consulting to non-profit organizations, ministries, and small businesses. Winters serves on the boards of Gulf South Men of Louisiana, the National Coalition of Ministries to Men (NCMM), the Louisiana Lagniappe Country Walk to Emmaus (LCWE), and the Mercy Education Foundation of Liberia, Africa.

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