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The media and publishing projects of the organization provide avenues for promoting our mission and message to the community.  Additionally, through this ministry books and other print materials are produced, printed, and distributed.

This ministry produces numerous social media communications using Mailerlite, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. Additionally, the KINGDOM Group’s website is maintained and updated as an effective tool for keeping the public current on the organization’s activities.

The publishing project produces printed material that promotes evangelism, Godly reconciliation, global unity, and Kingdom building! Executive Director Reverend Elmo Winters’ has written and published two books, “Growing by Going” and “Overcoming Racial and Cultural Barriers to Disciple Men”. These powerful tools have changed lives, impacted ministries, and continue to be used in training Believers on how to become effective witnesses for Christ.

The most recent publication by Reverend Winters, “OVERCOMING RACIAL AND CULTURAL BARRIERS to Disciple Men”, addresses the divisive issue of racism, with the emphasis on making diverse disciples. This book provides practical steps in discipling men for Christ who are ethnically or culturally challenged.

Additionally, Reverend Winters was invited to be a contributing author in a book published by the National Coalition of Ministries to Men (NCMM). This publication, “How to Disciple Men; Short and Sweet” was passionately produced to meet the unique needs of men inside and outside of the church. As a guide for reaching and training men, 45 authors collaborated to cover a wide range of topics that target men’s groups and ministries.

All three of these books are available for purchase on this website!

The Publishing Ministry of the Kingdom Group anticipates additional works by Reverend Winters to be published soon.

How to Disciple Men


Got 15 minutes? Sharpen your ministry to men.

Each brief chapter is packed with practical advice from leaders who have dedicated their lives to helping men become more like Jesus. Hear their stories. Learn from their mistakes. Profit from their experience. Discover how to:

  • Teach and reach the male mind.
  • Build and strengthen your men’s group through missions, road trips, outdoor activities, and marketplace ministry.
  • Plan, market, produce and follow up on men’s events.
  • Minister to men who have lost their job, confess an addiction or feel like they’re not even welcome at church.
  • Create a team of prayer warriors.
  • Mentor effectively and set up practical, authentic accountability.
  • Engage millennials, and reach across racial lines.
  • Become a valued partner with your senior pastor.
  • Ensure your own family takes priority over your ministry.

Gain practical wisdom from Kenny Luck, Josh McDowell, David Murrow, Jim Grassi of Men’s Ministry Catalyst, Brian Doyle of Iron Sharpens Iron, and many more. Collectively, contributors to this handbook have more than a thousand years of experience ministering to men.

How to Disciple Men is a labor of love from NCMM to you?  Hey, we’re all in this together.

Overcoming Racial and Cultural Barriers to Disciple Men


We live in what is thought to be one of the most divisive and polarized times ever. OVERCOMING RACIAL AND CULTURAL BARRIERS To Disciple Men is offered to address this societal predicament among men and provide some practical solutions. Reverend Elmo Winters taps into his 40+ years of international ministry experience to present this catalyst for the work of reconciliation. The primary focus is on preparing diverse men to be on the front line as disciples of Christ. These targeted guys are called to lead like Christ, which goes well beyond being “born again”. They must be committed and determined followers (disciples) of the Lord. Disciples of Christ are not only birthed into the family of God but are skillfully trained imitators of Him. Each chapter covers a discussion on a major hindrance to making disciples of all men, including suggestions on how to successfully overcome it

Growing By Going


Get the book, “Growing by Going” that is changing lives, changing ministries and building the Kingdom of God! This paperback work of God addresses a number of issues with the church today. Why are there so many small or mini congregations? What is the role of God and that of man in building the church? Why is the average church not growing? These are a few of the questions that are answered in “Growing by Going”. Do you desire to be a more effective witness? “Growing by Going” provides an easy to learn plan for witnessing in your everyday life. Do you want to learn how to share your faith? Then, this is the book for you!

What Our Readers Say…

In “Overcoming Racial and Cultural Barriers to Disciple Men” Pastor Elmo Winters brings to light the issues that drive us apart and gives practical, biblical concepts that will heal the wounds this world has given us. Look around our region, just turn on the news and you will see a disturbance among men. We are in dire need of unity. In this book, Brother Elmo lays out a biblical perspective on how we, as children in Christ, must come together with our common interest for the betterment of the whole family. We must learn to, not only respect but inspect our racial and cultural differences to have real relationships without compromising who we are individual.
I encourage ALL, who look to minister, to read this book!

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We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

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