Meet Board Member - Farrell Shelton

Experience the inspiring journey of Farrell Shelton, a young African American man dedicated to honesty, love, and integrity.  Follow along as he embarks on a path of personal growth, building God’s kingdom and positively impacting his community.  As a proud member of the esteemed Kingdom Group, Farrell is driven to be a part of God’s work and serve in any capacity, knowing that this fellowship will nurture his personal and spiritual development.  Joining this organization also grants Farrell the priceless opportunity to connect with wise men of God, enriching his understanding and faith.  Please stay tuned for updates on Farrell Shelton’s life as he navigates through its challenges, learning and growing by following instructions for every task at hand.  With an unwavering commitment to uniting and empowering men to contribute to God’s kingdom, Farrell aims to bring blessings to himself, his family, and his community.

Farrell Shelton, a man on a mission, has recently embarked on a blissful journey with his stunning and virtuous wife, Amora Bonius Shelton.  Together, they are dedicated to building a strong and supportive foundation for the future.  In addition to his personal endeavors, Farrell is a valuable member of the Capital Area Transit System (CATS).  Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Farrell Shelton and gain insights from his inspiring experiences.  Join him on his extraordinary journey and witness his positive impact on his life and those around him.  Prepare to be inspired by his unwavering passion for personal growth, community development, and his commitment to building God’s kingdom.

The KINGDOM Group is thrilled to welcome Farrell as our newest Board member and eagerly anticipates the positive impact we will make together.

1st Term July 2023 to December 2026

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We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.