“From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth;” Acts 17:26 NIV

RACISM is one of the most destructive sins in our society.  It exists in every corner of our world and effectively works to divide people everywhere.  Racism throughout history has accounted for the tragic loss of life in the millions and continues to be one of the root causes of world turmoil.  We can trace it back biblically to the attitude towards the Canaanites in the Old Testament, to the modern-day relationships between people groups of the world.

RACISM is basically defined as the belief that members of each race possess certain characteristics or abilities specific to that race, which distinguish it as inferior or superior to other races.

Racism often include the practices of prejudice, discrimination, or resentment against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.  And I state emphatically that nowhere in the scripture does it condone or approve of racism.  What I have discovered is some serious confusion that equates slavery with racism.  However, there is a vast difference.

RACISM clearly is sin and it never goes away on its own.  It must be directly dealt with in a powerful manner to destroy it, to extinguish it, uprooting it from the very depths wherewith it has been planted.  Although many have attempted to use political means and governmental laws to do this, failure has been the result.  In fact, these approaches seemed to have added more fuel to this fiercely destructive behavior.  Civic and humanitarian programs have equally done little to remedy this ill.  The only true way to address racism with any hope of defeating it is via the Bible, God’s written (and living) Word.  Acts 17:26 provides the best weapon to initiate the battle for bringing down this Goliath of racism.

The Kingdom Group recently hosted a gathering of people from all walks of life in Baton Rouge to dialogue about what we can do about the racial divide.  We did not invite the media or anyone holding political office.  Instead every day regular citizens met and talked about what is needed to biblically uproot the sin of racism.  Several suggestions came out of this meeting, as the group continues to work on a formal plan of action.  A second meeting is scheduled for late November.  What are your thoughts about addressing racism according to the Word of God?  Would you like to attend one of the dialogue meetings?