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Trent Wagenespack
2016-11-16, 00:09
I learned about God!
D. J. Fangog, Jr.
2016-11-16, 00:06
I am very blessed by Brother Elmo's Ministries. I was very inspirational and I feel rejuvenated to preach the Gospel even more.
John Medaris
2016-11-16, 00:04
Great session.
Very informative.
Loved the presentation.
Joe Pasqua
2016-11-16, 00:02
A timely word on evangelism as i feel called to it. I'm trying to figure out what God has called me to do.

I especially appreciated the discussion on being grateful in prayer.
Brian McEndree
2016-11-16, 00:01
I really enjoyed it. Would have love to have more time to learn how to effectively tell my testimony.
2016-11-16, 00:00
Good Stuff!
Gerardo Segura
2016-11-15, 23:57
A group speaking the true word and speaking up on true world topics and conflicts.
Stanley hebert
2016-11-15, 23:49
I love the part of the presentation about if you love someone, you must demonstrate that love to them, not just say the words.
Zack mcCendree
2016-11-15, 23:48
What was said was what I needed to hear.
Anuar Medina Rojas
2016-11-15, 23:44
This is the real deal. I always enjoy hearing you, Elmo. Your confidence in being blunt is holy. Love you My Brother.
John Tweedel
2016-11-15, 23:42
Keep on keepin' on. I agree with everything said tonight. I love you and bless your work.
Marc Anthony Viola
2016-11-15, 23:32
I appreciate that this man of God has shared the message. He has been faithfully enduring to minister. I pray that he will be continually blessed,
Pastor Pollie Johnson
2016-02-06, 03:14
Enjoyed the videos, the sharing and teachings, and especially liked the role play. Enjoyed and learned!
Eric Price
2016-02-06, 03:11
I really enjoyed having you here at our church today and look forward to having you come back for the follow-up on how our witnessing is going.
2016-02-06, 03:07
This was a very good experience. I enjoyed the teaching. The presentation of the information was very clear and easy to understand. i did not get to book until after the class started, I do plan to read the book. As presented, it was helpful in the workshop.
Samuel J. Jonson
2016-02-06, 02:57
Very good workshop covering the essentials. Apostle handled the side trails of questions well and quickly get back on the schedule information.
B. Butler
2016-02-06, 02:55
Very informative..will pray...practice and carry forth the message!
E. Reginald Barkley
2016-02-06, 02:53
Very informative and a great and teaching tool to effective evangelism.
Debra Barkley
2016-02-06, 02:51
Everything was GREAT! I enjoyed it all. i felt very at ease and encouraged to do more witnessing!
Robert L. Vernon, Sr.
2016-02-02, 21:41
Thanks for the wisdom on how to be a great witness for God!
Johnny Masey
2016-01-29, 00:31
You are doing God's work and I pray for you and your mission!
I just enjoy being around you in addition to being inspired by you.
May God bless you and grant you success in your efforts!
Your friend in Christ,
Mike Grace
2016-01-25, 00:29
Thanks so much Elmo..you did an outstanding job as we were all blessed!
Jason Melancon
2016-01-23, 22:25
Elmo Winters and the Kingdom Group helped me to refocus on my relationship with my male church friends and non-church related friends. i will use these four keys to success in my daily life.
Harold Choate
2016-01-23, 22:16
I'm am what you call a nature Christian, yet the time spent answering the questions about my life before and after Jesus became my Lord was new and profound. I was helped by knowing I was, I am, and how I cam be a disciple for Christ.
Rev. Mark Lubbock
2015-09-06, 20:10
It is exciting to see relevant Christian Radio!

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