The Warrior Project

The Kingdom Group recognizes the importance of reaching and ministering to God’s head of the home, men. What is so glaringly evident is the lack of programs and ministries that target the special needs of men. It is for these reasons...

The Kingdom Group started the Warrior Project.  We are committed to restoring the family to its original design by God.   The head of His design was the man, the husband, the father.  And we believe the man of the home must be a warrior, who is a follower of Christ.  In our modern world where lawmakers are attempting to dismantle God’s family and redefine it, it is imperative that the people of God stand together for the family unit God made.  

One of the main desires of the Kingdom Group is to bring men back into the home, the church and the leadership of our nation.  This awesome task can only be accomplished by like-minded ministries coming together and becoming partners.  As a united front, many of the unique issues that plague men can be addressed and an army of Godly warriors can be created.

Our Men Ministry Partners!

As an active participant and board member of Gulf South Men of Baton Rouge, Apostle Elmo Winters assist in many activities that help churches reach and disciple men. Teaching men their important duties in leading their families at home and in the church, is a vital part of the organization’s goals. Facilitating seminars, men’s meetings and workshop are just a few of the events that Gulf South Men host annually.

As a member of Gulf South Men, the Kingdom Group also is a part of Iron Sharpens Iron, a national men’s organization that provides training and resources for ministering to the special needs of men. Addressing issues of fatherhood, pornography addiction and other unique concerns of men are topics that this group focuses on.

Promise Keepers involvement is another way the Kingdom Group reaches out to men of all walks of life. This global organization reaches thousands annually by hosting major events targeting men of all ages.


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