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The Book: Growing By Going
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Juan F. Parker
2015-08-22, 19:22
Good afternoon Apostle,
...Man all I can say is WOW, I read your entire book on yesterday. It really blessed me, this book needs to be in the hands of every believer. We all need help in walking the walk, this book is a great help. I pray God takes this book global.
...Again I am here if you guys need me for anything. I pray God richly bless your life and walk.
Min. Juan F. Parker
2015-08-12, 14:12
The timing of the book was perfect. It aided in our teaching on Kingdom Expansion. The book gave us a reminder of the mandate every believer has been charged with, Go Ye. Go, then Grow! This book will be a staple for our Disciplship training classes. I strongly recommend it.
Pastor Ral Waltower
Belva Reaves
2015-07-27, 16:00
The book "Growing by Going" was recommended by our pastor, Ral Waltower of True Gospel Church of Georgia. The book is a great read and I enjoyed it very much. We were studying the same thing in a class for our members. Our pastor was teaching us the same information prior to getting the book. I recommend reading the book.
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