Walking in Disobedience

A few weeks ago, God instructed me to warn believers that the #1 threat to survival of churches in America is their willingness to continue walking in disobedience.  This is all about how those who are saved are ignoring the words of Christ given in the Great Commission. God is saddened that the church is doing everything but making disciples. That after all was what He instructed His church to do.  So, I ask, are you working to make someone a follower of Christ? 

The truth is most are not even mindful of seeing lost people become disciples of Christ.  According to one pastor we approached some time ago, this is not what their church does!  Seriously?  But it is true!  How many people gave their lives to Christ in your church last Sunday?  How many signed up to be trained to follow our Savior?  I can tell you that in most, no one.  Do we really believe God will sustain any group that is not obeying Him?  Would you?

We were blessed to be at a church Sunday that taught about salvation and had several people surrender their lives to the Lord!  Isn’t it time that all churches do likewise?

What do you think?  I want to hear your thoughts.  Sign up now and blog with me on this! 

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