What do we do now?

Over the past seven months following the shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge by police officers, many meeting have been held.  In January, one organization, Believers for Baton Rouge hosted a major event featuring Dr. Tony Evans.  Several us were meeting and praying together even before this.  So, now what?  Where do we go from here?

I believe it is time for action!  We have met enough and now must put all our gatherings into action.  It is for this reason the Kingdom Group is hosting the first of several men’s fellowship breakfasts.  Men of all ethnic backgrounds will meet to have a meal and get to know one another.  It is not being promoted as a prayer breakfast, but simply a time for fellowship.  My prayer is that men who don’t look alike or even know one another will come together and have an enjoyable time in the Lord.

We are convinced that what people need to do is come together and dine together, to better reach across the barriers that have separated us for too long.  WORSHIPPING together is a good thing, but we want to take this a step further.  The Ministry of New Life, 951 Eddie Robinson Drive is the venue, with food being served at 7:30 am on Saturday, February 25th.  ALL MEN ARE INVITED TO JOIN US!

What do you think?  I want to hear your thoughts.  Sign up now and blog with me on this! 


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