Overcoming Divisiveness!!!

As the Kingdom Group sets its sight on this new year, several challenges are already apparent.  Major among these is the paralyzing atmosphere of divisiveness.  This enemy of unity can be seen in many places in our lives.  We are divided racially, socially, economically, politically and even religiously in our churches.  To those who will quickly excuse these as just difference, I emphatically say that our dilemma goes deeper that the fact that we are all different.  WE ARE TOO DIVIDED!

What quickly comes to mind are the words of Christ in Matthew 12:25, “…Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:”.  This biblical fact is a concern I bear as I observe news reports and social media feeds.  This nation, our state and even the city of Baton Rouge face a great peril if we do not find a solution to the vast schism that plagues us.  To ignore our plight is suicidal and just reckless.

Probably the bad news is in the fact that we are so divided in our churches and religious settings.  It has been said too often and accepted too long, that the most segregated hour in our nation is 11 am on Sunday.  Something must be done to change this.  But what?

I am glad to announce that our ministry has chosen to no longer go on as usual.  We are improvising what we do in Christ’s name to better bring people together for reconciliation.  The Kingdom Group will work diligently to promote activities and events that enhance unity and fight dissention.  For months, we have been meeting with folks who share a common interest in healing our city.  We are actively working with Believers for Baton Rouge and look forward to having Dr. Tony Evans minister to our city.  But we know this is just the beginning and we are committed to keeping the work of coming together and understanding among all people going forward! 

 What about you?  What will you do this year to unify us?  Will you attend the special program on Thursday, January 26th featuring many believers working together?  The keynote speaker is Dr. Tony Evans, but many ministries will jointly serve in several capacities.  It will be a blessing to see believers working together promoting the Gospel of Christ.  None will be there for their ministry or to draw attention to what their church is doing!

What do you think?  I want to hear your views on this.  Sign up now and blog with me on this subject! 


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